Zero length file: Entourage - 104 - Date

While developing a REST API client I was downloading random subtitles and received no contents for a SRT file. I found it on and tried downloading directly from the web site and the downloaded file was also zero length.

Try downloading this subtitle:
“https:// www. opensubtitles. com/en/ subtitles/4293516-entourage”

I believe that is this one which when downloaded looks correct:
“https:// www. opensubtitles. org/en/ subtitles/4293516/entourage-date-night-en”

Seems like something went wrong migrating this subtitle file from .org to .com.

In trying to post this I got an error: “New users can only put two links in a post”.
Off by one error?
Anyway, that is why all the spaces in the links. Desperate measures to get this post accepted.

I see I missed that it turned “opensubtitles dot com” into a link, so my post did contain more than two links. I’m used to blue underlined links and did not notice the faded grey font indicates a link.

so, for the links, there’s a limitation on the number of links a new forum member can post…I’ve set you as normal user, you should be able to post without restriction now, I’m still tuning the discourse install.

for the empty file, yeah it still happens sometimes, as you can see on the original page on, it’s a .sub file indicated as .srt … normally the parsing system should catch it and fix it, but obviously it didn’t work in this case.

thanks for pointing it out