No access to subtitles

Since subscribing to VIP in I have been unable to access subtitles in KODI as I get an error message saying that my username/password is incorrect or does not exist.
I have had replies from via email but every time I respond I am notified that my email is not delivered.
I use my username and password to log into the website and this forum - which is what I use on KODI so I do not understand why I cannot access subtitles. I have just uninstalled KODI and reinstalled and rebuilt my addons and re-entered the details for open to get the same “incorrect username/password” response.
Here is a screen shot:


Can you help please?

check out this article about our kodi addons

if your problem persists please open a ticket

I have already followed advice on installing open and .com. and the result is the same - see screenshot.
Maybe you should resend an authorization forVIP so I can start from the beginning as I do not remember getting an authorization email from you.


Oh maybe I start to understand, you are using the extension, if you are entering the same credentials as you do on this forum and, it’s normal that it is not working. is our old site is our new site

you have accounts on both, both are VIP, but they can have different passwords

so, to use the extension, make sure you use a login that works on, and for the, the credentials.

to make things easier, you can set the same password on both sites, that way you can just enter the same username and password everywhere.

then you are referring to an authrorization email for VIP ? sorry I don’t know what you are talking about.