Language keeps changing

The language of the site keeps changing, and mostly to alphabets the are not based on the western alphabet, making the site mostly illegible. Even when you choose a western language, like English.

What is going on?

Got same issue, going from taiwan, to spain, to norwegian to i dont know what language that is…

Got the same issue here, tested on multiple browsers.
Tried to remove or edit the the language cookie(“osdb_locale”), but on the next page load it is set again to a random language.
It looks like the language cookie “osdb_locale” is cached for each page by the server (Cloudflare or Varnish).
Like first HIT on the page sets the language for all visitors.
Hopefully they can fix this soon, pretty annoying if you can’t read the page.
Or we can try to download the subs for the page :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having the same issue - search can have one language and the site can have another. Even though I change it to English it changes to some other language. At the moment it’s Vietnames and Arabic. Any updates for this issue?

should be solved now, sorry for taking so long